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Jason Keller is an audiobook Narrator and classically trained actor. He's been an avid storyteller since childhood, and has found his home in audiobooks. 

Jason's proud to have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry- HarperCollins, Audible, Fast Company Press, FindAway, Whitehouse Sound, Cherry Hill Publishing, Dreamscape Audio, and others. 

Before alongside his career as an audiobook narrator, Jason recently received his MFA in Professional Acting from the Bristol Old Vic Theater School, one of 3 schools in the Royal Conservatoire of Dance and Drama in the UK. He's performed in more than 30 professional theatrical productions, and brings a classical storytelling tradition as well as vibrant characterization of characters and voices to his narration.

He believes there's nothing better than a good story well told, and can't wait to breathe life into yours today. 

Work Samples:


Jason loves to study and perfect different English Dialects, and has, to date nearly 30 prepared at a Narration ready level. He's a fan of detail- he believes getting the details right is the difference between authenticity and caricature. Here's just a few: 

21 Accents in 1 SongJason Keller
00:00 / 02:40

North American: 

00:05 GenAm/California

00:10 NY Italian

00:18 NY Jewish (Yiddish Speaker)

00:23 Boston

00:27 Modern Southern

00:33 Appalachian

00:42 Classic Southern

00:51 West Texas


01:01 Received Pronunciation

01:11 General UK/Estuary

01:20 Yorkshire

01:24 Dubliner


01:34 Parisian French

01:39 Castilian Spanish

01:48 German

01:58 Russian

02:07 Italian (Rome)

02:11 Greek

02:16 Turkish

02:21 Scandanavian (Icelandic)

02:26 Israeli

In addition, Jason loves bringing the vocal flexibility gained by years of classical training, as well as his work in video games and animation to give each character a distinct and memorable sound, appropriate to the style of the book. 

Character Voices DemoJason Keller
00:00 / 00:58

Home Studio Capabilities

Jason Records from his home studio isolation booth.

He records analogue audio with an H4N zoom, paired with an Rode NT1-A microphone.

Jason has post-production production and audio-engineering capabilities, and edits/masters in Izotope RX8 Standard

He also is fully equipped with ipDTL, SourceConnect Now, Skype and others for remote coached sessions. 

Raw Audio Home Studio SampleJason Keller
00:00 / 01:48
Fully Finished Studio SampleJason Keller
00:00 / 01:48