The Latest

Pericles @ The Redgrave, NT Live Style!

Sept 2020

I'm very excited to be playing Boult and Cleon in Andrew Hilton and Aaron Parson's Production of "Pericles" at the Redgrave Theater in Bristol. Stay tuned for the multi-cam livestream!

Snatchers @ BFF!!

May 2020

Very excited to announce "Snatchers," Dir. John Kingman, in which I play one of the leads, "Jeb," Will be making it's world premiere at the Brooklyn Film Festival!

Digital Reading of Coriolanus

April 2020

About to do a digital reading, playing Caius Marcus in "Coriolanus" directed by David Jenkins of Jobsite Theater!

Chicken Soup with Barley @ BOVTS

March 2020

Can't wait to play 'Dave' and 'Harry' in BOVTS's production of "Chicken Soup with Barley", dir. by Josh Parr!

Richard III @ BOVTS

Feb 2020

So excited to be filming a scene from Richard III across from Lynn Favin's Lady Anne @ BOVTS! Dir. By Ben Pruisner

The Cherry Orchard @ BOVTS!

January 2020

Can't wait to play "Gayev" in BOVTS's production of "The Cherry Orchard" dir. by Mabel Aiken!

Richard III @ BOVTS!

Nov 2019

I'll be checking a role off the bucket list- Can't wait to play Richard III @ BOVTS!

Iphegenia at Aulis @ BOVTS!

Sept 2019

Can't wait to play Menelaus in BOVTS production of "Iphegenia at Aulis" Directed by Jackie Craigo

Press (Selected)

"Jason Keller delivers strong work as Hunter...uncompromising, unflinching..."

      -Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times

"Due to his measured screen presence and nuanced commitment throughout ... Keller dominates by playing a man of measured violence, hair-trigger impulses and unrelenting loyalty..."

                   -Martin Carr, Flickering Myth

"...Jason Keller does expert work in his three roles..."​

                    - Steve Barnes, Times Union

...There's a touch of hysteria in Jason Keller's desperate, paranoid Macbeth that gives his grab for power a thrilling volatility..."

             -Zac Thompson, Chicago Reader