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Pitch-perfect reads in a Warm, Approachable, Millennial voice, delivered to you quickly at a reasonable price. 

10+ years experience serving clients large and small. 

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Jason got his VO start in Commercials- voicing multiple national campaigns spanning from Automotive to Liquor, as well as many local and regional ads on radio, TV, and the internet. Jason applies classical acting techniques to his commercial VO reads- the result is crystal clear, pitch-perfect messaging, full of approachable warmth. 

My Clients: Toyota, Hallmark, Ford, McDonald's Dr. Scholl's, Jack Daniels, Taur Scooters, and many more. 

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Commercial Demos

Having spent close to a decade in arts education, both for kids and adults, Jason has been lucky enough to combine his passion for teaching and development with this skill and experiences in Narration and VO. The result is clear, engaging, conversational instruction, delivered to you same day for most projects. 

My Clients: Hewlett Packard, Maersk, Bridgestone, Johnson&Johnson, Costco, BMW, Lockheed Martin, and many more.

eLearning Demos
Video Game Demos

An Avid gamer since about 10 years old, Jason recently began combining his love for all things Video Game with his skill as a Voice Over Actor, and has since been lucky enough to work with some of his favorite franchises. The result? Distinct, memorable, and personal characters that will stay with your players forever. 

My Clients: Ubisoft, Overkill Software, Techland, OMUK, King Art Games, and others.

Jason loves putting his classical training and stage experience to good use, as well as his talent for pickup up accents quickly to create compelling, unique and memorable voices for all of his characters. Whoever your character is, and wherever they hail from, you'll get a voice that sounds, authentic and distinctive.

Animation/Character Voices

North American: 

00:05 GenAm/California

00:10 NY Italian

00:18 NY Jewish (Yiddish Speaker)

00:23 Boston

00:27 Modern Southern

00:33 Appalachian

00:42 Classic Southern

00:51 West Texas


01:34 Parisian French

01:39 Castilian Spanish

01:48 German

01:58 Russian

02:07 Italian (Rome)

02:11 Greek

02:16 Turkish

02:21 Scandanavian (Icelandic)

02:26 Israeli


01:01 Received Pronunciation

01:11 General UK/Estuary

01:20 Yorkshire

01:24 Dubliner

Home Studio Capabilities

Home Studio Capabilities

Jason Records from his home studio isolation booth, with a sub -60DB noise floor. 

He records analogue audio with an H4N zoom, paired with an SYNCO D2 microphone, and double pop filter. 

Jason has post-production production and audio-engineering capabilities, and edits/masters in Izotope RX8 Standard

He also is fully equipped with ipDTL, SourceConnect Now, Skype and others for remote coached sessions. 

Raw Audio Home Studio SampleJason Keller
00:00 / 01:48
Fully Finished Studio SampleJason Keller
00:00 / 01:48
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